👋 Hey there!

My name’s Eden and I help ecom and service businesses get launched, scale up, and bank tons o’sales with customermagnetic conversion copy.

In other words, with copy that-

Copy (1) Engages

Copy (1) Convinces

Copy (1) and Converts

– even freezing cold audiences into raving brand groupies (AKA thrilled customers).

On autopilot. 24/7/365.

WITHOUT being pushy or “selly-sell.”

And WHILE building authority, trust, and genuine, wholesome relationships with your customers along the way.

Sound like a win-win?


You: “Hmm…can you prove it?”

Me: “Sure I can! Here’s a testimonial 👇

“Her landing page just beat a control by 264%. This why I hire Eden again and again and again. Her copy converts. Period.”

James testimonialJames Van Elswyk, expert media buyer, performance marketer, and CEO and Co-founder of Purple Leads

…and another one 👇”

“Our client was flying in 48 hours to meet with potential investors in New York but their pitch deck was a disaster. So I asked Eden to rewrite it, knowing it was a tight job…

The client later called me, ecstatic, saying they’d just closed tens of thousands in funding with the help of her deck.

If you get the chance to work with Eden, do it. You won’t regret it.”


– Ora Dangot, VP of Business Development and Co-founder of Belka Studio



You: “Interesting, interesting…but how do I know you get results like this for MY business?”

Me: “I got an idea. How ’bout you book a FREE 20-min “Triple A Copy Rescue Call.”

It’s a free Zoom call where we won’t waste time chatting about the weather…

But I’ll dive in deep to why your ad, landing page, or sales page isn’t converting like it could, and give you two hands full of proven-to-work tips you can implement immediately to lift your conversion rate.

PLUS you’ll get a copy of the Zoom recording so you can revisit as many times as you like…forever.

And yeah, it really really is FREE.”

You: “Okaaay…and say if I wanted to book you for this free call…?”

Me: “All you need to do is  fill in that lil’ form below – seriously, it’s only 4 questions – and I’ll be in touch in 48 hours. Pinky promise.”

You: “Awesome. Looking forward to meeting you on our call, as soon as I book it…maybe next quarter…”

Me: “Well, to be honest, I’m only offering these free calls for a limited time – until 31 August, 2019.

That’s when I’ll be launching my newest service, so I won’t have much time – if at all – to just give away more of these “Copy Rescue Calls”…”

You: “Okay, okay, I get it. Where do I book you again?”

Me: “The form’s right here 👇

Looking forward to learning about your business!”

You: (typing furiously…)

“I’ve worked with Eden several times and am blown away by her professionalism.

She’s swift, responsive, and always hands projects in by their deadlines. Plus, the clients love her copy.

If you need a great copywriter, I highly recommend her.”

ZEV MediaZev Gotkin, Founder and CEO of ZEV Media