Excite. Convert. Acquire.

Turn ice cold audiences into flaming hot sign-ups (and closed/won deals) with high-converting ads, landing pages + websites

“Got to the heart of our messaging”

“Eden got to the heart of our messaging and captured it in clear and compelling language. She helped us create a fresh, new website that’s fully aligned with the company’s business objectives, and it was a real pleasure working with her!”

  • Howard Silverman, Head of Marketing @CyberProof, a UST company

“Her work is not a fluke or a streak of luck”

“Copywriting for conversion is a mindset and skill that needs to be constantly practiced. It is not the result of being in the mood or being “a wordsmith.” It is the result of research and learning, leading to deep understanding of both your target market and your product offering.  And this is exactly what Eden does to deliver conversion copywriting that is spot-on! Her work is not a fluke or a streak of luck, but is the result of a very experienced and well-thought-out process she manages.”

  • Zoe Haimovich, Senior Director of Content Experience @Hibob

“Provided suggestions that fit perfectly”

“Thank you for all you did for our team last year! It was a very chaotic time and you jumped right in and worked with us to understand and help define the scope of the project. Your initial prototype captured our needs very well and provided suggestions that fit perfectly into our existing frameworks and that we’d never considered. You were a pleasure to work with through multiple rounds of edits, and everyone on the team was pleased to have you onboard for the duration of the project!”

  • Kate Gregorio, Manager Web UX Content @GoTo

“Able to grasp complex products fast”

“It was really incredible to work with Eden. As part of our rebrand we had new messaging and positioning ready to go, but needed help translating that into fresh copy to support our PPC ads and other assets. And Eden really delivered! The copy was clear and crisp, was presented well, and was received well by the team. Eden is a very talented writer, she is able to grasp complex products fast and turn into customer facing language.  In addition to this, Eden is such a joy to work with, always so calm and positive in everything she approaches. Really looking forward to working with Eden again soon.”

  • Kate Gleeson, Head of Brand @Supermetrics

“$30K in 24 hours off your copy”

“We tested your landing page against 8 others and yours beat them all. One even did $30K in 24 hours… We’ve translated your page into 4 languages… Your copy is crushing it. I’m so pumped

  • James Van Elswyk, Native Advertising Expert and CEO @Symphony Agency & Purple Leads

“A pleasure to work with”

​​”​​Eden is truly brilliant. I’ve worked with over 100 copywriters from around the globe and Eden is for sure one of the standouts. There is a clear foundation in deep human psychology that’s wrapped in succinct, creative, and wonderfully soulful copy. Eden is also an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.”

  • Mark Patchett, Founder @Growth.Shop

Some awesome clients I’ve worked with recently

Psst! Hi! Over here 👋

If you’re reading this, that probably means you…

→ are the founder/CEO of (or run marketing/growth/experimentation/demand gen at) a fast-growing SaaS, tech, or IoT company

are mad-scientist driven to level-up peoples’ lives with cool products, tools, and platforms that excite and delight them

→ are bone-deep psyched about your potential for growth (and why wouldn’t you be? Your company delivers crazy value and you have great market fit)

But. There’s a problem.

(Or maybe *gulp* a few problems)

Your target markets don’t know why you’re different from *that other guy with fancy-pants branding* (OK, who’re we kidding, that’s a HUGE problem)

Your CAC is ridiculously high (spending big buck$ on Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn but have too few closed/won deals to show for it)

❌ Your sales cycles take weeks, months, or even YEARS (and you can’t afford to wait ’cause time is money, tick-tock, tick-tock)

That’s not just frustrating.

That’s wide-awake-at-3-A.M., existential-staring-at-the-ceiling frustrating.

The good news? We can fix this. Easily.

Hi, I’m Eden. Conversion copywriter. Acquisition strategist. Secret anthropologist. (More on that last one later.)

And I help businesses just like yours:

Get noticed by your target audience (for the right reasons)

Get your audience genuinely excited about your (awesome) products

Convert more of said traffic into thrilled paying users (and long-term clients)

— with high-converting ads, landing pages, and websites.

And with more ARR, you can do all. the. fun. business. things.

(Like reward your team with well-deserved bonuses, funnel more cash into growing your business, walk with your head held high into your next funding round, or (d.) all of the above 🎉)

“If you have an opportunity to work with her – just take it”

“Eden is one of the greatest copywriters I ever met. Her approach to copywriting is absolutely solid. But beyond her copywriting skills, Eden is a person you can blindly trust. She’ll go above and beyond to deliver. If you have an opportunity to work with her, do yourself a favor: Just take it.”

  • Nelio Leone, Founder @UrbanMonks, ex-CMO of Careem

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

“Sounds good, Eden, but can you prove what you do works?”

A: Absolutely!

Because when you work with me, you don’t get an {insert superlative} ninja-rockstar-wizard-wordslinger, who emails you a few paragraphs in a Word doc before disappearing into the shadows of the Internet.

You get a strategic thinking partner who works with you and your team, shoulder-to-virtual-shoulder, to find the best angles and core messages that’ll drive your audience to click on your ads, download your content, show up for your demos, open your emails, and happily DocuSign multi-year contracts with you.

I use the skills + knowledge I’ve gained over 10 years in direct sales and copywriting to make sure your marketing is serving the right message, to the right person, at the right time… so that every project we work on together’ll drive you HUGE wins 💪

And when I say “HUGE wins” I mean pop-the-Dom-Perignon 🍾 huge wins like:

A home page revamp that 2x’d visitors’ time on page (from 00:21 to 00:46), 2x’d scroll depth, and cut the bounce rate (from 51.1% to 35.6%)

A “book a demo” page optimization that increased conversions by 30+% (with 95% statistical confidence)

A landing page + offer page that helped drive $1M in sales in one month of a $250 product (total $3M+ in the first 6 months post-launch)

A website and landing page that generated 50 sales a day (of a $79 product in a super-saturated market)

A landing page variation that smashed the previous control by 268% (from 4.5% to 21%+)

A sales page optimization that helped drive 500+ applications for the beta launch of a 40-cohort, $2K course (in the middle of a global pandemic)

and more…

And (gosh, I know this sounds corny but) I’d love to help drive big wins like these for your business.

“If she didn’t write your website copy, I’m not going to read it”

Eden has an amazing intuition in translating human psychology and buyer psychology into copy that converts your audiences and reduces friction and helps with lowering your ad spend. I highly recommend her services to help your website copy go from nawl to wow.

  • Juliana Jackson, Former Customer Value Optimization @Omniconvert

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