Excite. Convert. Acquire.

Turn *ice-cold* traffic into thrilled-to-be-paying customers
with high-converting landing pages, websites, and funnels

“Did $30K in 24 hours off your copy”

“We tested your landing page against 8 other affiliates’ and yours beat them all. One aff even did $30K in 24 hours off your copy… We’ve translated your page into 4 languages… Your copy is crushing it. I’m so pumped.”

  • James Van Elswyk, Native Advertising Expert & CEO of Purple Leads

Clients I’ve helped grow their businesses include…

Psst! Over here 👋

If you’re reading this, that probably means you…

→ are the owner of (or marketer/creative director at) a fast-growing SaaS, tech, or ecommerce business

are mad-scientist driven to level-up peoples’ lives with cool products that excite and delight them

→ are bone-deep psyched about your potential for growth (and why wouldn’t you be? Your product delivers crazy value and has great market fit)

But… there’s a problem.

(Or maybe *gulp* a few problems…)

Your audience or market doesn’t know you exist (OK, who’re we kidding, that’s a HUGE problem)

❌ Your acquisition costs are ridiculously high (from $$ to $$$ or even $$$$ per lead or customer)

❌ Your sales cycles take weeks, months or even YEARS (and you can’t afford to wait… time is money, tick-tock, tick-tock)

That’s not just frustrating.

That’s wide-awake-at-3-A.M., existential-staring-at-the-ceiling frustrating.

The good news? We can fix this. Easily.

Hi, I’m Eden. Conversion copywriter. Acquisition strategist. Closet anthropologist. (More on that last one later.)

And I help SaaS, tech and ecommerce businesses (just like yours):

Get on the radar of your target audience

Get your audience genuinely excited about your products

Convert more leads and prospects into thrilled paying customers

—with high-converting landing pages, websites, and funnels.

So you can pad your pockets with more profits or pour them back into your business. Or both!

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“They won tens of thousands in funding!”

“A client was flying in 72 hours to meet a cashed-up investor in New York, but their pitch deck was a disaster! I asked Eden to work her magic on it, knowing time was short… The client later called me, saying they’d won the funding thanks to her deck. If you get the chance to work with Eden, do it. You won’t regret it.”

  • Ora Dangot, VP of Business Development at Belka Studio

Here’s some of the ways we can grow your business together…

Audience-Wooing Landing Pages

Slash acquisition costs and
drive crazy-high sign-ups and sales with classy landing pages, advertorials and pre-sells inspired by the ones super affiliates and performance marketers swear by—because they’re proven to generate conversions and sales, even from ice-cold traffic.

Growth-Rocketing Sales + Lead Gen Funnels

Need to catch the eyes of your target audience without running Superbowl-sized “brand awareness” campaigns? Want to skip lengthy sales cycles and win more leads and customers in days… or even minutes? Strategic lead gen and sales funnels can help you do exactly that.

Net-Profit-Driving Websites

Your tiny lil’ corner of online real estate is where your traffic goes to learn, evaluate, and decide if your product is right for them. Get your prospects choosing *you* (and not your competitors) with website copy that makes saying “Yes” to you a no-brainer.

“Aha!”-Moment Page + Funnel Audits

Ads not adding to your bottom line? Landing pages have higher-than-they-should-be bounce rates? A audit’ll go through them with a fine-tooth comb and show you exactly what you to do boost your conversions.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

“Sounds good, Eden, but can you prove what you do works?”

A: Absolutely!

Because when you work with me, you don’t get a “wordsmith” or a pencil-pusher, who emails you a Word doc and disappears back into the shadows of the Internet.

You get a strategic thinking partner who works with you and your team, shoulder-to-virtual-shoulder, to find the best angles and core messages that’ll drive your audience to click your buttons, download your content, join your list, or buy from you *right now*.

I use the skills + knowledge I’ve gained over 10 years in direct sales and copywriting to make sure your marketing is serving the right message, to the right person, at the right time… so that every project we work on together’ll drive you HUGE wins 💪

And when I say “HUGE wins” I mean pop-the-Dom-Perignon 🍾 huge wins like:

A landing page + offer page that helped drive $1M in sales in one month of a $250 product (total $3M+ in the first 6 months post-launch)

A website and landing page that generated 50 sales a day (of a $79 product in a super-saturated market)

A Black Friday campaign + email sequence that helped drive just under $120K in sales (over 2 days)

A landing page variation that smashed the previous control by 268% (from 4.5% to 21%+)

A sales page optimization that helped drive 500+ applications for a 40-cohort, $2K course (in the middle of a global pandemic)

Multiple Facebook ad campaigns and landing page variations that generated thousands of super qualified leads for solar and mortgage refi call centers throughout the USA

and more…

And (gosh, I know this sounds corny but) I’d love to help drive big wins like these for your business.

“Clients love her copy”

“I’ve worked with Eden several times and am blown away by her professionalism. She’s swift, responsive, and always hands projects in by their deadlines. Plus, clients love her copy. If you need a great copywriter, I highly recommend her.”

  • Zev Gotkin, Founder and CEO of ZEV Media

“She’s written unbeatable controls in some of the biggest, toughest verticals”

“Let’s put it this way – Eden is the 1980s Eddie Murphy of copywriting. In other words… she’s unstoppable, and everyone is terrified to follow her act. She’s a world class copywriter that doesn’t rest on her laurels but actually puts in the work and improves upon her skill, every single day.

Eden has written unbeatable controls in some of the biggest, toughest verticals. And that’s because she knows brand positioning, she finds winning angles like no other, and she over-delivers every single time. Eden’s copy makes me want to be a better copywriter.”

  • Health Wilcock, Owner of Fold Soup Copy

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