(AKA a virtual treasure chest of free webinars, podcasts, slide decks, templates, articles, and other stuff that can help you get better at marketing, experimentation & copywriting)

Webinars & Keynotes

Conversion Hotel. The Webinar by Ton Wesseling (Oct 2021): How To Optimize For Cold Traffic. Sponsored by VWO (registration closed, but you can read Abi Hough’s amazing write-up about it on LinkedIn)

Experiment Nation. The Conference by Rommil Santiago (Oct 2021): How To “Hack” Experimentation With Anthropology

Invesp Webinar with Khalid Saleh (Apr 2021): How To Write Landing Pages That Convert Cold Traffic + free slide deck

Optizent Academy with Anil Batra (Mar 2021): You’re Sitting On A Gold Mine – How To Use Your Customers To Help You Write High-Converting Copy

Wynter Games 3 with Peep Laja (Jan 2021): How To Win (And Hold) Audience Attention With Emotion-Infused Headlines

Product Tank Nairobi (Jul 2020): How Customer-Focused Messaging Drives Revenue

Product Led Summit (Jan 2020): How To Write Fail-Proof Product Descriptions


Scaling Without BS, The Growth.Shop Podcast (by Mark Patchett): Episode 1: How To Connect Personality & Performance

CRO.Cafe Podcast (by Guido X Jansen): Turn Ice-Cold Traffic Into Thrilled-To-Be-Paying Customers With High-Converting Copy

Digital Marketing Radio (by David Bain): 3 Tips To Improve Your Copywriting

Business Growth Show (by Sam Dunning): How To Write Insane Copy By Using Your Customers Own Words

Experiment Nation: Adventures In Experimentation Podcasts (3 episodes)

Scaling SaaS Operations (by Kristine Esparza): Episode #38

Secrets To Scale (by Tanner Scott & Ranksey Digital Marketing): Episode #27 Why Improving Your Copywriting Is Essential For Growth

Marketing Spark, The B2B Marketing Podcast (by Mark Evans): Why B2B Copywriting Really Matters

ECommerce 360 Podcast (by Shipping Chimp and Revathi Karthik): Killer ECommerce Copywriting Strategies

Articles Testing Mind Map Series – How To Think Like A CRO Expert – Eden Bidani

Shipping Chimp eBook: Ultimate Guide to the eCommerce Post-Purchase Customer Journey (quoted) How To Create B2B Landing Pages That Actually Convert

Product Led Institute: How To Write Fail-Proof Product Descriptions + free 6-point checklist

Experiment Nation: The How, What, And Why Of Copy Testing

Featured in…

Digital Asia Summit (Aug 2021) Panel Discussion: Copywriting – Quality Over Quantity 3 Copywriting Hacks (short video)

Attention Insight: 10 Key Elements Of A High Converting Landing Page

Userpilot: The 13 Proven Customer Retention Strategies For SaaS [A Guide]

Omniconvert: The Last Cookie Crumbs In The Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Masters of Marketing #37 (by Gravity): How To Get Inside Your Prospects’ Heads With Anthropology

Proceed With Passion Q&A (by Terry Schilling): How To Keep Conversion Copy Authentic (And Other Things)


I’m on LinkedIn often a lot, and publish roughly 3-5 times a week on marketing, copywriting, and CRO/experimentation. Including a long-running series of “1-min conversion copywriting tips 🔥”

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GrowthMentor: Since September 2020, I’ve been mentoring startups (pro-bono) on their GTM strategies, paid/organic media campaigns, conversion rate optimization tests, copywriting, and messaging strategies via GrowthMentor.

96 sessions and counting (with a 4.98 ⭐ rating)

Honored that I’m able to help people who are struggling with growth, to… grow 🙏

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