Check Out My “Cold-Selling-Not-Cold-Selling” Technique In Action

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Here’s where you can check out real-life samples of my “Excite, Convert, Acquire” trifecta (AKA that “cold-selling-not-cold-selling” technique I mentioned to you earlier) in action via some of my highest-converting copy deliverables.

And yes, there’s no opt-in to get them. (I keep promises when I make ’em.)

Just click on the links below to download your copies.

And I’d appreciate it if you could let me know afterwards what you think of them.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

My “Cold-Selling-Not-Cold-Selling” Copy Swipes


Metronome device for insomniacs

3 Smart money-saving tips for the New Year

Young father makes $442K…a month

The “special grant” SMEs can get from the government

The tiny devices that are 85% as effective as regular hearing aids

“Effortless glam” Swarovski crystal flip-flops

Invented by a chiropractor (with chronic neck pain)

Sales letters and offer pages

Product-Led Growth book description

Home page for an enterprise software company

End of year donation appeal

Free cost reduction analysis

Media buying expert’s info courses

7-day course for anxiety and depression

Rechargeable hearing devices

Facebook ads

Hearing devices that cost 10% of normal hearing aids

Mortgage refinance ad V1

Mortgage refinance ad V2

Got your swipes? Great! ๐Ÿ™Œ

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